PMP Certification

Are you a project manager who wants to enhance his or her skills further and gain a certification that will enable you to become more competitive in the industry? You have probably read about the Project Management Professional or PMP Certification. What is the Project Management Professional Certification and what should you do to help you achieve successful test results for the certification test?

The PMP Certification consists of five performance domains. These include project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing. This exam has 200 multiple choice questions. Each performance domain consists of 13%, 24%, 30%, 25% and 8% respectively. This exam also comprises of knowledge areas and competencies a project manager needs to have to be able to come up with positive and satisfactory test results.

What is the purpose of this test? This test is taken to improve the rates of success for projects by utilizing the standards and principles of project management based on the Project Management Institute’s guidelines. With this very important credential, what do you think is the best aid to be able to pass the examination?

There are test takers who took up extra training weeks prior to the actual scheduled date; however, the satisfaction rate for the results can be quite low. That is why an increasing number of project managers prefer making use of the study guide for PMP Certification. Before you invest your money into these trainings and crash courses, ask yourself. Is this practical? Is it convenient? Will you be able to make time for it into your busy schedule? Is it truly effective? What are the other considerations I need to remember?

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The study guide for PMP Certification is jam-packed with the right test preparation content and test information you need to know and understand to be able to do well on the actual test day. Having problems with your study habits? Are you concerned about your level of understanding about what to expect on the test? Do you want to know more about the requirements you need to prepare before the test? This is the best buddy for the project manager like you.

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