Praxis I

As the saying goes, the same opportunity does not always knock on the same door twice. The same is true when picking a career. While there are a lot of opportunities that awaits a college student with outstanding grades and exemplary extra-curricular performance, this does not count when it comes to taking a licensure exam.

When taking the licensure exam, you do not simply rely on your classroom knowledge or practical skills to pass the test. First time test takers are usually blind about the ways of a teaching licensure exam. There are a lot of state teaching certification exams and one of these includes the Praxis 1 teaching licensure exam.

The Praxis 1 teaching licensure exam is also called the Pre-Professional Skills Test. Mathematics is one of the major subjects included in the test alongside Reading and Writing. The Praxis 1 Math test focuses on four major skills and concepts that most teachers need to have. These includes data probability and analysis, measurements and geometry, algebra and of course, numbers and operations.

There are two types of tests available for the Praxis 1 Math exam. One is the Praxis 1 Mathematics (0730) or the paper-based written examination with 40 test questions that should be answered within a 60-minute span. The other test is the Praxis 1 Mathematics (5730) or the computer-aided exam which has 46 questions to be answered within a 75-minute time frame.

While these two tests have different characteristics, taking either of these would still need a lot of effort, energy and money to be able to fully prepare for the actual test day. There are a lot of ways to get help in passing the test. Some may opt to take review classes or hire private tutors. But some prefer taking the most practical way available by purchasing books for Praxis 1 which includes the most comprehensive printed study guide available.

There are very many books for Praxis 1 made available in leading bookstores and shops. While most are promising, not all of these can produce the results test takers want to achieve. Here at, we offer the best test prep books for Praxis 1 that produces genuine and very effective results for your Praxis 1 Math test.

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